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The Asia CEO Summit is the definitive networking and learning event for leading Global CEOs from exhibition organising companies.

This invite-only event is for the CEOs of independent pure play exhibition organisers, based all over the world with an interest in the ASIAN market. With the mantra ‘Pathways for Success’, the collective knowledge is huge, and the need to forge new and deeper relationships across all corners of the globe has never been more important.


Want to know more about sponsorship opportunities at the Asia CEO Summit?

Gold Package: US$15,000 

One (1) Sponsor Staff Person Included 

Platinum Package: US$30,000 

Two (2) Sponsor Staff Persons Included 

Diamond Package: US$45,000+*

Three (3) Sponsor Staff Persons Included *(to include cash and in-kind at higher equivalent) 

All sponsorships include: 

  • Sponsor recognition on Sponsor logo panel signs throughout the event 

  • Listing in the Online Directory with description of products & services 

  • Sponsorship billing in event promotion 

  • Introduction to all attendees at Opening General Session 

  • Sponsor recognition on screens during the event, corporate logo on website 30 days prior to and post-event dates 

  • Attendee contact information provided post-event 

If you would like to confirm your sponsorship interest with us, please email to

Platinum Sponsor


Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is Asia’s leading business, leisure and entertainment destination. The integrated resort features Singapore’s largest hotel with over 2,200 rooms and suites, crowned by the spectacular Sands SkyPark and iconic infinity pool. Its stunning architecture and compelling programming, including state-of-the-art convention and exhibition facilities, Asia’s finest shopping mall, world-class dining and entertainment, as well as cutting-edge exhibitions at ArtScience Museum, have transformed the country’s skyline and tourism landscape since it opened in 2010.

To know more about the Marina Bay Sands, visit

Gold Sponsors



ASP are award-winning exhibition and conference website specialists working with a global client base of event organisers of all sizes. Providing a bespoke, powerful, user-friendly content management system (ShowOff) that was created specifically for event organisers - allowing them to easily create, develop and maintain their website.

ASP sites are fully optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and leaders in user experience (UX). They also offer strategic advice on integrating new technologies and best practices into an event’s digital marketing campaign.

In addition, ASP’s newly launched attendee growth services consultancy supports organisers in maximising the impact and reach of their website through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), User Experience and Data Insights.

ASP has been building websites and developing brands for 26 years and delivers a true understanding of an event's online needs.

To know more about the ASP, visit




Gevme is an all-in-one event technology solution designed to provide event professionals with the tools they need to create, manage, and market any event seamlessly. With specialized features to create fully functional event websites, set up pre-event registration, enable hassle-free onsite check-in, and manage event data across multiple channels, Gevme is the ideal platform for modern event planners looking to experiment with and adopt a highly dynamic event calendar that spans across mediums, channels, and devices.

Gevme's omnichannel platform enables event professionals to craft unified event experiences across all attendee touchpoints, providing an engaging and secure event experience whether it's through a website, mobile app, email, physical kiosks, virtual environment, or any other channel.

In addition to its omnichannel platform, Gevme provides a number of event technology solutions to fit every event professional's need. Its Event Registration suite is a comprehensive event registration and ticketing platform that helps organizers create, manage, and track their registration process with ease. Its Onsite Event Solutions offers a range of powerful hardware and software solutions designed to streamline on-site event operations and deliver an exceptional experience for both organizers and attendees, including a comprehensive check-in system that enables effortless validation of tickets, badge printing, and attendee access management. And its Event Mobile App is a portability solution for event organizers looking for a single-point information and engagement system for attendees, making it the gateway to all event information such as live agenda, session display, interactive venue maps, virtual swag bags, virtual helpdesk, and more.

With Gevme, event professionals can streamline the planning process, saving time and resources. Its customizable solutions enable businesses to create interactive and personalized experiences for attendees, fostering memorable and impactful connections between organizations and their audiences. Having successfully orchestrated over 80,000 events globally, the Gevme team pushes the boundaries of event technology, setting new standards for the industry. Find out more about how Gevme can help you transform your events into truly engaging and successful experiences at


R. E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd

R.E. Rogers India was incorporated in 1986, with a vision of handling exhibition cargo in India and abroad.

Since inception, we are the market leaders in this growing and complex industry - providing services to organizers, venues, governments, trade associations, exhibitors, and event managers globally. 

In recent years, we have also extensively expanded our other existing verticals i.e., defence, free trade zone warehousing, special import/export projects, sports, and entertainment events.

Having our own infrastructure in all the major hubs of the country, we also have all relevant accreditations of quality, sustainability, environment, and health/safety.

In addition, we play a very prominent role in the national/global fraternity as leading members of various key associations.

To know more about R. E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd, visit




SNIEC, the only Sino-German joint venue with western management is the leading international exhibition venue in the heart of Shanghai, a metropolis with 25 million people. It is the commercial hub and gateway of China, connecting the rest of our country with Asia and the world. Most of the country's production and distribution centres are located near Shanghai.  
With 23 years of experience working alongside top global and domestic organizers, we have further developed our partnerships and excellence into a win-win success story. In fact, almost 7 million visitors attend over 130 international trade shows in our 300.000m2 venue each year.  
The competitive market in China - especially Shanghai - motivates us to continuously improve our already well-established and respected services with only one goal: Make your show even better and more successful in the future.  
The whole SNIEC team is 100 percent committed to make your show the leading one in your industry! We look forward to serving your exhibitions, events and clients. We understand your needs, come and challenge us. 

To know more about SNIEC, visit

 Carbon Offset Partner



ReThink is Hong Kong’s best-attended and most ambitious business event for sustainable development. Launched, in 2020, during COVID the event has run in-person each year and has grown exponentially to now host  the region’s most comprehensive forum and solutions expo for accelerating businesses towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future. The next edition runs in September 2024 with new regional events being planned.

To know more about ReThink, visit

 People Engagement Partner



We are a people engagement company.  Since 2003, we’ve helped thousands of organizations around the world to strengthen connections between their people.

The bond we feel with our work colleagues can transcend the office, our home, and even our country. These relationships are precious and need tendering.

We do this through the science of music and the art of engagement.

“When there is so much to pull us apart, SongDivision works to make strong bonds between us.”

To know more about SongDivision, visit

Photography Partner



Piufoto is a AI-poweredl live-photo SaaS platform, offering live-photo services for 10,000+ events daily in over 30 countries. Piufoto offers two key services: Real-time photo transfer technology: We enable photographers to instantly transfer photos to different devices or locations, facilitating quick editing and sharing. Event and conference photography: Operating in 30 countries, we provide professional photography services for various events, including conferences, weddings, and commercial shoots

To know more about the Piufoto, visit 


Production Partner


Unearthed Productions

Unearthed Productions is a full-service event management agency based in Singapore. Empowered by a team of creators, strategists, and experts who are deeply passionate about content, audience engagement, and event technology, Unearthed Productions delivers a complete suite of event solutions that allows event organisers to seamlessly execute an award-winning event experience. Producing over 100 events annually, Unearthed Productions is the trusted partner of both organisations and venue owners in the region and around the world.

To know more about Unearthed Productions, visit


Translation Partner 


Green Terp

Green Terp is a leading SaaS technology provider specializing in facilitating seamless meetings of various formats, including onsite, virtual, or hybrid, as well as live streaming events. With a single click, we empower our clients to unlock the potential of multilingual communication, enhancing their global reach and inclusivity.

At Green Terp, we've introduced a groundbreaking innovation – the world's first virtual booth for simultaneous interpreting. This cutting-edge technology isn't just redefining the landscape; it's transforming the very essence of remote interpretation beyond remote to onsite.

Interpreters now experience a revolution in their working conditions and overall experience, while audiences gain the ability to seamlessly join meetings from any location, enjoying the content in their preferred languages with unparalleled comfort and convenience.

In 2022, Green Terp proudly joined the ranks of the "Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in the Language Industry" on a global scale, sharing this honour with tech giants such as Google and Meta. This recognition underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the language technology sector.

At Green Terp, we envision a world where Hybrid Simultaneous Interpretation (HSI) becomes the norm, bridging the gap for all stakeholders - corporates, organizers, interpreters, and audiences. We are dedicated to enabling onsite and remote collaboration that is not only efficient but also equitable.

To visit more about Green Terp, visit


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