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  1. Raffles Hotel Singapore, The Lawn, Level 1
    180 mins
    Welcome Cocktail ends at 9pm
  1. JW Marriott Singapore South Beach, Grand Ballroom
    30 mins
  1. 45 mins

    Post pandemic, much of industry are celebrating the robustness of the exhibition model, however new models have emerged with new revenue opportunities, whether that be in digital, community and data. This session will explore these opportunities and determine both their potential and customer adoption. The session will also explore how our industry needs to present itself to customers in relation to value, to stakeholders in relation to resilience and attractiveness in relation to our workforce and future talent.

    • Lisa Hannant, Chief Executive Officer, Clarion Events
    • Michael Duck, Executive Vice President, Commercial Development, Informa Markets
    • Wolfram Diener, President and CEO, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
    • Moderator: Mark Cochrane, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, UFI
  1. Networking break for speakers and delegates
    45 mins
  1. 40 mins

    China is forecast to grow at 5.1% in 2023 and with the market now fully open, industry is looking forward to a strong recovery of the China exhibition market. Chinese pavilions play a prominent role in ASEAN shows as well as international shows. This session will explore how this reopening will impact the Chinese, regional and international markets and what growth we can expect to see. We also explore the pace of re-opening and what trends we are witnessing. The panel will look at the current opportunities within China to grow, launch and export key IP. Will M&A feature in 2023, are there new models emerging, new entrepreneurs making an impact and how does the Chinese exhibitor view opportunities within Asia and beyond? The session will also address how and to where Chinese exhibition organisers are exporting their event IP?

    • Yeh Chien Ee, President, Asia Pacific, RX 
    • David Bian, General Manager, Beijing HJT International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
    • Wang Guo Ping, CEO, Shanghai Huamo Exhibition Services
    • Moderator:  Michael Kruppe, CEO, SNIEC
  1. 40 mins

    Events have definitely roared back into action post pandemic but have the expectations of our customers changed and how is digital and omni-channel marketing being incorporated into live events? This session will look into post pandemic expectations of our customers in relation of success metrics, ROI, value and delivery.

    • Ben Taylor, CEO, Asia Pacific, George P. Johnson
    • Leanne Robers, Co-Founder, She Loves Tech
    • Moderator : Ian Wu, Vice President, Digital and Innovation, SACEOS
  1. Luncheon for speakers and delegates
    110 mins
  1. 30 mins

    We have all heard about the potential of India with its high growth rates and now improved venue capacity. This session will not cover these two valuable data points but will rather look into market entrance strategies and growth opportunities, whether that be in launch, partnership or acquisition. The session will also look at the potential of taking more Indian exhibitors abroad.

    • Gaurav Juneja, Director, MEX Exhibitions Pvt Ltd
    • Michael Duck, Executive Vice President, Commercial Development, Informa Markets
    • Moderator: Ravinder Sethi , Chairman & Managing Director, R.E. Rogers India Pvt Ltd
  1. Speed Networking for speakers and delegates
    50 mins

    A speed networking event gives Speakers and Delegates access to numerous individuals in different fields. Professionals easily exchange contact information during the event. This opens doors to potential growth opportunities and valuable partnerships.

  1. Networking break for all speakers and delegates
    30 mins
  1. 30 mins

    What are the more important post pandemic growth drivers and has the approach by organisers changed. The session will explore various partnership models and the merits and success points of them.

    • Andy Wismarsyah, President Director, Amara Group
    • Dato Vincent Lim, President, CIS Network
    • Chua Wee Phong, Group CEO, Constellar
    • Moderator: Richard Ireland, President, SACEOS
  1. 40 mins

    Much has been written and spoken about AI and its role in business events and exhibitions. Will it be a disruptive force or will be a productivity tool that creates efficiencies in our industry helping our internal processes and those of our customers.

    • Candina Weston, Independent Consultant & ex-Microsoft CMO
    • Moderator: Daniel Tjan, Director of Gevme
  1. 10 mins
    Programme ends at 5:10pm
  1. Cocktails and Opening Dinner at Sands Expo Convention Centre
    210 mins
    • Dinner is from 6:30pm to 10:00pm
  1. JW Marriott Singapore South Beach, Grand Ballroom
    50 mins
  1. 40 mins

    What is the expected recovery of the M&A market in Asia and what major themes are being considered? Is there any diverging thinking between PE and public markets and independent and scaled player? What will the investment strategy be in 2023? We also learn from an entrepreneur who has been involved in 7 exits.

    • Russell Wilcox, Executive Chairman, Clarion Events
    • Mark Harvey, Managing Director, National Media Group
    • Moderator: Mark Cochrane, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, UFI
  1. Morning Networking for delegates and speakers
    40 mins
  1. 40 mins

    The strength of collaboration lies in the ability to bring diverse perspectives, combined resources to tackle challenges and create great  business opportunities. This session will showcase various collaborative efforts in achieving excellent outcomes – how this changed post pandemic and how?

    • Cindy Ngiam, Director, SWITCH, Enterprise Singapore
    • Reuben Lim, COO, Singapore Fintech Association
    • Poh Chi Chuan, Executive Director (Exhibitions & Conferences), Singapore Tourism Board
    • Moderator: Chris Skeith OBE, Chief Executive Officer, AEO Ltd
  1. 40 mins

    Pledges have been made but now how are organisers responding to the challenges to meeting net zero by 2050 and what practical steps are being made and what more can be done? What can we also learn from adjacent industries.

    • Chris Brown, Founder & Director, EnviroEvents, Hong Kong
    • Bjoern Kempe, CEO & Founder, Expos Asia Pte Ltd
    • Priscilla Leong, Honorary Treasurer, SACEOS and Managing Director, Expotrans Pte Ltd 
    • Moderator: Kai Hattendorf, CEO, UFI  
  1. Luncheon for delegates and speakers
    120 mins
    Lunch ends at 2:20pm.
  1. 90 mins
    • Incorporated with a Singapore Experience
    • A tour around the Civic District with a guide
    • Along with a story on how Singapore has developed into a MICE destination
  1. Chill Out @ Timbre X SEA
    210 mins
    • Chill out session ends at 8pm


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