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Michael Kruppe

Michael Kruppe


Other positions:

  • Boardmember German Centre of Commerce and Trade Shanghai
  • Boardmember UFI, Global Exhibition Association
  • Boardmember, Asian Exhibition Association- AFECA
  • Boardmember German Chamber of Commerce East China
  • Vice Chair, Chinese Venue Association
  • Chair, Pudong Modern Industry Association


  • 2017 Shanghai Magnolia Award given by Han Zheng
  • 2018 Person of the year in the Exhibition Industry
  • 2021 Honorary Shanghai Magnolia Award given by Mayor Gong Zheng
  • Company: SNIEC – Shanghai China

Career background


  • Manager at Helm Group in Germany, China and Hong Kong
  • Worldwide Sales/Marketing and Procurement of ingredients and raw material for chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and steel industry
  • Organizer of exhibitor events worldwide on relevant exhibitions, conferences and forums


  • General Manager for German and lrish companies in China.
  • Responsible for setting up sales and marketing strategies in China and Asia , mainly for MNC targeting local and international players in the region.
  • Setting up 2 new large factories and operations in Shanghai.
  • Continuing to plan and execute shows as an exhibitor.


  • CEO / General Manager - SNIEC
  • Shanghai New lnternational Expo Centre
  • China's most successful exhibition centre with annually ard. 8mio. visitors, 100.000 exhibitors and an average occupation rate of 75 pct before Covid in 2019 covering a total area of 300.000 m2


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